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DARK is a powerful expression of the legacy of BERTHOUD’s know-how but also one of the most innovative and promising technologies for the future. It creates an elegant breakaway in terms of style from the past and is the vector of the Berthoud technology among the most demanding users.

Apart from its Style, DARK is characterised by 2 other elements:

DARK Confort: driving is nothing without pleasure

This equipment maximises your comfort when working:

  – A sprayer at your fingertips thanks to the DUALELEC fully-motorised operation,
  – An optimum spray quality thanks to continuous flow combined with non-drip pneumatics,
  – Exterior washing enables the sprayer to be cleaned in the field after every application.

DARK Privilège: Stay calm, focus on the driving

On a farm, the sprayer is the most used machine during the year. It guarantees the quality of spreading plant protection products, which will determine a part of the crop yield.
In addition, spraying must take place at a specific date. So a breakdown can have a huge impact on crop management and the economic profitability of the farm.

Dark Privilège is a service that has been designed to give you more peace of mind when you use your machine. This service is available in France only. For more information,

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