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The trailed sprayer TRACKER is a versatile sprayer that meets the needs of all types of farms, particularly those practicing mixed farming and livestock. The tank capacity of the TRACKER is 3,200 liters with boom widths ranging from 18 m to 33 meters. The farmer has the option to choose from a wide range of options for their trailed sprayer, including spraying management, axle suspension, pump type, boom type, and cleaning and dilution systems.


TRACKER: The Versatile Sprayer for All Types of Crops and Farm Sizes

The versatility of the BERTHOUD TRACKER sprayer lies in its simple design. The tank volume is well-suited to farmers’ needs, and the wide range of boom widths is an additional advantage.

Two large beams make up the chassis to provide structural rigidity. This structure supports a 3,200-liter tank made of high-density polyethylene. This combination creates a sprayer that is perfectly suited for farms specializing in mixed farming and livestock. Furthermore, the trailed sprayer TRACKER offers good stability on slopes due to the low placement of its center of gravity.

Numerous options to meet the specific needs of each farmer

The BERTHOUD TRACKER satisfies the specific needs of each farmer by offering useful and tailored options. Spraying management can be done in two ways: either through mechanical regulation with DPA or with pressure sensors such as DP Tronic or EC Tronic. Users can also choose GPS section control and the type of axle suspension. The TRACKER trailed sprayer is available in both “S” (suspended) and “NS” (non-suspended) versions.

Booms, pumps, cleaning systems: it’s the farmer who chooses

To provide a sprayer that meets the needs of its customers, BERTHOUD allows users to choose what is necessary for them. Firstly, farmers can choose between two types of booms. The AXIALE boom meets the requirements for perfect balance due to its structure and positioning. The ALS boom is more suitable for large-scale crop use. Users can also choose the pump. The VOLUX pump, with its sprayer rim drive system, allows for constant volume distribution at any speed. Finally, various cleaning and dilution systems for the spray mixture are available. Sprayer control is easy to handle with the BELOGIC panel and valve system.

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