Dusters range


The VEGA mounted sulphur duster provides an exceptional quality of powder application. Used to combat powdery mildew by spraying sulphur, it is installed on straddle tractors or vineyard tractors. VEGA is especially used in the vineyards in Burgundy, Beaujolais and in South-East and South-West France. With a simple and ingenious design, the VEGA duster OFFERS excellent uniformity in the powder output. The dosage and quality of application are precise. The capacity of the hopper is 120 litres.


The VEGA mounted duster is practical and is suitable for straddler tractors and vineyard tractors

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The spraying of powder is precise and regular

Work in progress…

Reliability guaranteed: the VEGA mounted duster has had a proven track record for many years!

Work in progress…